Project 25

Assessing the effect of CLARA water chlorination systems on


This project addresses critical water safety challenges in rural Ethiopia, where access to safe drinking water remains a pressing concern. We are introducing the CLARA system, an innovative technology that uses electrolysis to generate chlorine locally, ensuring ongoing water disinfection. Through this process, chlorine is produced continuously, offering a sustainable solution for maintaining water safety and quality at all times.

Operating within Sidama Regional State, our project covers three intervention areas where CLARA systems will be implemented alongside three control areas for comparative analysis. Our ultimate aim is to enhance access to safe drinking water by evaluating and establishing effective local solutions and management practices. By using local resources and innovative technology, our project aims to ensure the delivery of safe water directly at the point of consumption, which will help to solve critical health concerns prevalent in these communities


The objective of the study is to assess and validate a continuous chlorination water treatment technology using electrolysis (water and salt) to produce chlorine and assess its potential to improve drinking water quality and health of the local community.


SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation)


Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and CLARA Water AG

EPHI PI / Contact Persons

Moa AbateĀ

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